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Physical Ailments, Mental Health Issues,

Emotional Triggers, Lack of Self Belief,  

& Karmic Baggage

All ancient religions, tribes & cultures believed the purpose of human existence was solely to uplift its consciousness to be one with the Divine and hence, they built their life and societal rituals to stay in tune with the Universal Consciousness, the power that wields this whole universe. Energy healing is one of the most ancient & natural form of healing seeded in the same principle. 


The basic premise of energy healing involves tapping into the abundant and freely available universal life force that we may call prana, chi or the divine energy.



Intuitive Energy Healing

Tap into the Loving & Restorative Energy Manifestations of the Universal Consciousness!
Preeti Kumar Intuitive Energy Healer

Preeti is an intuitive healer who works with subtle energies that uplift the human consciousness & spirit to achieve better physical, mental & spiritual health. With the blessings of her higher guides, she has developed a keen understanding of universal laws & principles, a profound perception of energies across dimensions and a deep connection with the universal consciousness, the life force that sustains everything. 


Juggling a successful corporate career & a bustling home, Preeti always felt a deep yearning for a missing ancient connection. She stumbled upon her ability to feel & manifest energies quite accidentally in May 2013 during her first brush with transcendental meditation and over the next few years, honed her skills by integrating her unique abilities with the established practices of various energy healing schools. However, she found the individual expression for her healing capabilities, the ancient connection with her spiritual guides & an understanding of her soul mandate through powerful pathworking meditations with Kathy Roseborough of The World Healing Academy. Today, Preeti is a certified TEE Scan Health Practitioner from the World Healing Academy.



“I am amazed at the measurable impact that Preeti's Energy healing has had on our son. The improvement in his mental health and well being correlated to the healing sessions administered by Preeti. Our son was not aware the healing sessions were taking place, yet the results were evident. He has been prescription free for over a month now. Preeti has a gift that needs to be shared with as many people as possible. I highly recommend her services.”

Roger P


Healing Sessions with Preeti

1 hour  /   $100

Mondays, Free Healing

What to Expect?


Evolve into the Divine healing approach involves working with subtle universal energies that may or may not be perceptible to the day to day human cognizance, but would give you an overall feeling of peace & well-being during the session. 


The healer intuitively works with 12 subtle energy vibrations based on Universal laws & principles and is a medium to project these benevolent universal energies. At no time during the session, the healer would need to touch you physically.


The healing can be imparted in person or over a distance of thousands of miles, the effect for both would be the same. However, in person sessions may help you connect with your own body & spirit better as your attention would be focused on the multiple healing energies and universal blessings working on you.​



Book an Appointment for Healing and Consultations
Tel: 647-551-8851
Email: evolveintothedivine@gmail.com
Location: 119 Payne Crescent,
Aurora, ON L4G 0Y1, Canada